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Barbara is represented by the agency BeYOU.

BeYOU Paris Agency
Carol Becker Lacave
+33 (0) 7 88 20 33 86 – cbeckerlacave @

BeYOU Montpellier Agency
Frédérique Favro
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Never Give Up Gallery

Charline Kervyn Gallery

Galerie Art 27

Leasing of artworks for businesses and liberal professions

Tax optimization

Taking into account the tax provisions valid in each country, this leasing offer can only be offered to companies or professionals carrying out their activity in France or Belgium.

The agency that represents me manages the implementation of your leasing entirely for you, in collaboration with a tax optimization expert.

The advantages of financing or renting works of art, with or without an option to purchase:
– Enhancement of your image: The presence of works of art in your professional premises allows you to enhance the image of your company with your partners and your customers, it possibly also allows you to assert your local roots. Art allows you to beautify and humanize your offices. It is also a source of motivation and inspiration for employees.
– Spreading the cost: you spread the cost over 13 to 60 months. This staggering allows you not to affect your liquidity.

– Tax deductibility: as a company, self-employed person or liberal profession, 100% of the monthly payments for rented works of art are tax deductible for office furnishings.
– At the end of the rental contract, you can exercise the purchase option in order to acquire the work for a residual value corresponding to 5% to 7% (depending on the country) of its initial value.